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Aastra 6090 Talking Caller ID


A blind persons dream! 

Voice caller ID with visual call waiting. Announces caller's number or one of up to 15-recorded messages. 

Following features: 

bullet 50 Name & Number call log/directory, 
bullet Announces Caller's Phone Number or a Recorded Message, Custom Message to Announce who is calling, 
bullet Audio review of new calls with pause and resume, 
bullet Multi function LED Indicator, 
bullet Voice Mail message waiting/Blocked Call/ New Call, 
bullet Speed Dial, 
bullet Volume Control, 
bullet Message Waiting Light, 
bullet Audio Review, 
bullet Display contrast - 4 levels, 
bullet Call Waiting announce - Area Code Addition, 
bullet Voice mail access number - up to 20 digits in length, Desk/Wall mountable, 


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