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Talking Watch


Now you don't have to see to know the time! This large-display digital talking watch tells you everything, even has four alarms to remind you of important tasks. 

It's the middle of the night, you're halfway awake, but you don't want to open your eyes to see what time it is. Touch a button on your talking wristwatch, and a pleasant female voice will give you the time, so you can go back to sleep. 

It's a thoughtful gift for those with poor eyesight or are partially blind, especially since there are four alarm reminders, for those who need help in remembering to take medications or to call Aunt Sally. 

It also functions as a talking stopwatch, when you're jogging, racing or working out. The watch case cover is magnified and the large digital numbers make it simple to read as well.

Price: $49.95

Item#: JEHB1-GUTW351



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