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Perfect Chopper


This Perfect Chopper is the all-in-one tool that you'll ever have. Replace hundreds of dollars of expensive appliances. The Perfect Chopper requires no electricity at all, just tap...tap...tap... like bouncing a ball, you'll easily slice, dice, chop, and mince like a pro in just seconds. Free bonus included in this package is the perfect grater, which prepares fine or coarse grating of cheese, parmesan, and even eggs. This Perfect Chopper makes quick and easy meals. Takes half the time to prepare dices of vegetables for foods, and can dice deli style coleslaw. Now you can chop onions without tears. The odors are sealed and locked in tight!
Dimensions: L 8 1/4" x W 4" x H 12"

Price: $ 19.99

Product Number:  HAHB1-BL97715


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