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NFL Sleeping Bags


These are Academy Broadway high quality NFL Sleeping bags. These sleeping bags are quite versatile and can also can be used as a: Poncho, Stadium Wrap, Picnic Blanket, Travel Blanket, Seat Cushion, Pillow and a Waterproof Tailgate Cover! 

This item comes in a nice zippered vinyl carrying bag with shoulder strap for easy storage and protection. This is a great all purpose item to take to the ballgame or to take on a camping trip. 

We have the following 10 NFL teams available: Packers, Broncos, Lions, Chiefs, Colts, Cardinals, Seahawks, Panthers, Bills and Falcons. 

Packed 6 per case. You can mix and match any of the teams available.

Price: $49.95
Product Number:  SOHB1-RC7IN1



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