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Sylus Pen Pencil


Eliminate the need for a pocketful of pens - this one does it all. Remember that old picture of the "nerd" with identifying features labeled? It included a "pocket protector" with several pens sticking out of it. But what else can you do when you have the need for a black pen, a red pen, a pencil and a stylus? You can carry this handsome implement that has it all without extra, unwanted bulk. Beautifully weighted and balanced with an easy-grip rubber holding area, this pen makes writing a joy. The best part is, it's actually a "smart" pen: all you have to do to tell it which of the tools you want to use is click on the button while the icon of the one you want is facing upward, and THAT'S what magically emerges. And no need to worry about it "slipping" between pens - there's a release button on the clip section. After you try it once, this won't become your favorite pen - it will become your ONLY one!

Price: $29.99

Item #: GU-TN205



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