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Retractable Car Light


Emergency engine problem, and you’re in the dark? Spot it and fix it fast with our magnetic car light--or signal for help with the brilliant blue lens. 

Say you’re headed home after a weekend camping trip, and you hear a bump--followed by a loud hiss--as you ford a creek. You lift your hood up, plug one end of the 12 foot retractable power cord in your car’s lighter and attach the magnetic car light to the inside of the hood. Just what you thought--a hidden rock has knocked a hole in your radiator. 

You call a tow truck on your cell phone, swivel the blue lens on the magnetic light and pop it on your car top so the driver can find you. 

What else can it do for you? Use it as a spotlight to check for wildlife in the trees; it has a multi-angled light adjustment. Or mount it on the top of your car and turn the light on blue, so your family can find you in the parking lot after the game. Uses one 12V light bulb (included).

Price: $ 29.99

Product Number:  GU-TO207



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